Offering simplicity, speed and ease of installation, unbonded mono-strand posttension systems are frequently used for parking garages, condominiums, hotels, offices, mixed-use buildings and slab-on-grade construction. A seven-wire, prestressed concrete steel strand (PC strand) goes through an extrusion process which results in a strand covered with corrosion-inhibiting grease along with a seamless plastic sheathing. Its two variations are:


Standard System:

Where anchors are encased in thick plastic coating. This watertight system is ideal for corrosive or aggressive environments such as those that include ground moisture, nearby salt water, de-icing materials or industrial compounds.

Post-tension systems use high strength steel strands that are comprised of seven individual wires spiraled together tightly. The most common diameter of the strands are 0.5” and 0.6”. 

These strands are stressed under high forces using an anchoring device, along with wedges that clamp down on the strand to retain the force and distribute these forces into the poured concrete resulting in the most desirable compression. PTE’s mono-strand post-tension systems are extremely popular with contractors for their reliability and cost containment.

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