PTE’s multi-strand post-tension systems employ larger diameter strands and anchors for ultimate dependability. Bridges, rapid transit systems, transfer plates and girders, or other heavy-loaded, long span beams are the primary uses of this practical system.
Containment tanks, tension rings, nuclear containment vessels, domes and buildings are other specialized applications.


Seven-wire strands encased in plastic, metal corrugated duct and smooth, semi-rigid conduits contribute to consistent elongations and outstanding performance on any project. Thanks to excellent ductility and hardness, the requirements for preplaced tendons with flexible conduit are eliminated with these multi-strand, bonded, posttension systems.

The ability to delay installation of pre-stressed steel until the curing cycle is complete eliminates the susceptibility of corrosion. Immediate pumping of cement grout into the duct after the stressing process also minimizes corrosion.

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