Creating efficient building designs, especially punching shear, while reducing material quantities and labor costs are some of the challenges facing owners, contractors, architects and engineers around the world. As a leader in post-tensioning systems, PTE developed a solution to the problematic use of mild-steel shear reinforcing stirrups and bars for column-slab connection.

PTE’s punching shear rail reinforcement systems reduce congestion while drastically minimizing the need for localized thickening of slabs at the column heads.


Our large-headed studs are welded to flat steel. These rails are placed on plastic spacers (chairs) to meet concrete cover requirements. The time and space-saving shear rail reinforcements can also be used in highly-congested transfer beam/girders, walls or foundations, and at the anchor zone in lieu of conventional bursting steel reinforcement.

Our shear rail system gives engineers the ability to do more with less while keeping punching shear capacities high and installation costs low. To achieve lean, efficient post-tension design, just leave it to PTE for a better streamlined, strength-reinforced process.

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