A Pioneer in Post Tension Materials

PTE- Post Tension Systems has a rich history of providing top-quality un-bonded post tension materials. Established in 1979 by Sergio P. Dalmau, a PTI certified plant, PTE has been a pioneer in the industry for decades. With valuable experience gained from working in similar companies, Sergio Sr. decided to launch his own venture, which has since become one of the oldest privately owned post tension companies in the US.

The company’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in its commitment to innovation and providing excellent services and products to its customers. In fact, PTE is the largest in-house design firm and supplier of un-bonded post tension materials in the US, making it a leader in the industry.

Today, PTE is led by Sergio A. Dalmau (Sergio Jr.), who serves as CEO. With his leadership and the company’s dedication to quality and innovation, PTE- Post Tension Systems continues to be a trusted and reliable partner for those seeking to transform their construction projects.

Established in 1979 by Sergio P. Dalmau, a registered professional engineer with over 45 years of experience, PTE stands as one of the oldest privately-owned post-tension firms in the United States, extending services globally to both commercial and residential sectors. PTE is a PTI certified plant that offers engineering design services and supplies fabricated bonded and un-bonded post-tension materials, along with technical services to ensure structural integrity and restoration.

Throughout its extensive history, PTE has been consistently proactive in developing innovative solutions and embracing new technologies. With our skilled team, extensive knowledge, and capacity to manage large workloads, we are well-prepared to assist customers with projects of any scope.

PTE’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in our commitment to innovation and providing exceptional services and products to our clients. Currently under the leadership of CEO Sergio A. Dalmau, PTE-Post-Tension Systems remains a trusted partner known for quality and creative solutions in construction.

By fostering strong customer relationships, PTE has established itself as a leading provider of post-tension products.



PTE’S focus is to provide value engineering with the redesign of conventional concrete structural plans to include the value strength of post-tensioning. We offer a full range of services and products by applying our skills to large construction endeavors while remaining flexible enough to accommodate small and intermediate size projects. From parking garages to towering highrise condos and hotels, office buildings or mixed use developments we continually push the construction envelope. Having successfully completed countless square feet of post-tensioning construction structures we offer engineering expertise, state of the art equipment and unparalleled customer service.



PTE’s in house engineering department is the industry leader equipped with the latest paired with innovative and motivated engineers who understand project requirements. We analyze complex geometry and provide practical and economic design alternatives all in compliance with appropriate building code requirements. We redesign conventional reinforced concrete structures into un-bonded post tension to demonstrate savings in cost and added strength of post tension to elevated structural slabs and beams, slab-on–grade, mat foundations, transfer girders, parking garages and barrier cables.



At PTE, we pride ourselves on having a reputation built on trust and relationships. Our business culture has been passed down through generations and is driven by a commitment to growth and total customer satisfaction in a competitive market. We strive to provide unparalleled posttension expertise and service through superior planning, engineering, manufacturing, and site assistance, always ensuring quality services.


Our philosophy is simple: “Provide excellent service, employ an elite and seasoned team of professionals, and utilize the best materials in order to achieve optimum results.” It is this philosophy which stands at the very core of our organization and it is this mindset which guarantees the high caliber of results we deliver to ultimately produce a satisfied and loyal client.

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