A key to post-tensioning success is tendon fabrication and color coding. PTE cuts the high-strength steel tendons to length, color coded and coiled according to detailed shop drawings, force computation and stressing data. They are then delivered to the job site. Following the plan produced with the help of our own in-house software, they are installed, poured and covered with concrete. Recent additions include the expansion of our in-house quality control department and further defined procedures. To get the best post-tensioning results, you need the best post-tensioning equipment. When cables are tensioned with PTE’s state-of-the-art stressing equipment, a high quality post-tensioned structure is produced with an impressive quality and huge in cost savings.

Our approach is simple: “Provide excellent service, employ an elite and seasoned team of professionals, and utilize the best equipment and materials to achieve optimum results.” It is a mindset that stands at the core of our organization and guarantees the high caliber of results we deliver to win client trust and loyalty.

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